Trust GXT 498 Forta review

This very cheap headset can be an excellent streaming and gaming alternative on a tight budget.
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Trust GXT 498 Forta review - W3Tekno
Our Verdict
Reasons To Buy
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Great looks
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • Audio quality could be improved
  • Wireless option would be nice
  • Build can feel a little flimsy
  • A good headset is an essential piece of personal technology for someone who spends a lot of time gaming and editing video. However, high-quality audio equipment isn't always cheap, so I was eager to put Trust's new, reasonably priced GXT 498 Forta headphones to the test. In my review I'll go in-depth about their performance compared to the more expensive models I often use, as well as their features such as sound quality, comfort and overall appearance.

    Released in May 2023, this headset is still fairly new to the market at the time of writing. Due to its sleek design and the PlayStation logo on the side, it would be easy to mistake it for a real PlayStation product when you first take it out of the box. The functionality was really easy to recognize and the design is simple but gorgeous.

    Key Specs
    Dimensions:205 x 165 x 83mm
    Connection type:Wired
    Driver:50mm dynamic driver
    Microphone type:Omnidirectional
    Input type:3.5mm
    Frequency response:100 Hz - 17.000 Hz

    Features And Performance

    Trust GXT 498 Forta review: Features And Performance

    The sound quality is very good for the price. With the help of 3D audio and powerful 50mm speakers, gaming was immersive and I could clearly distinguish different voices throughout challenging games. However, considering this headset retails for under $40/£40, you're sacrificing a bit in terms of audio clarity. Sometimes the dialog in video games sounded a bit tinny and unclear. Although the ear cups fit snugly, I found that they weren't as noise-cancelling as I expected, and the GXT 498 didn't sound much like the Razer Blackshark V2 headset I usually use. Similar to the speaker, the microphone isn't completely clear and can sound a bit muffled, but it's more than enough for personal conversations and online gaming. However, I wouldn't recommend using it for voice capture alone.

    The Trust GXT 498 Forta gaming headset is characterized by its simplicity. It has a rotating volume wheel and a separate sliding mute button similar to those on computer mice. As mentioned earlier, the main cable and microphone are both detachable, making it easy to store and hang. The cable is 1.2 meters long and has a good thickness, but I would have preferred it to be covered with a flexible fabric that prevents tangling as the rubber is quite solid.


    Trust GXT 498 Forta review: Design

    In terms of design, the GXT 498 Forta headset is a perfectly attractive replacement for more expensive counterparts such as the PS5 3D Pulse headset. It features a sturdy plastic body and is available in white and black. Although this headset is wired only, it also has a flexible detachable microphone and detachable cable. The plastic looks a bit cheaper due to its low price point, but there's a good reason for that. With 85% of its body made from recycled plastic, Trust proudly states that the GXT 498 Forta headset is highly sustainable, which is undoubtedly a plus for those with ecological concerns. As this headset is an approved PlayStation product, the PlayStation emblem is prominently displayed on each headset.

    Extremely plush stretch fabric covers the foam cushioning that covers the main band and earcups. Unlike other gaming headsets I've tried, the band felt quite thin and became a little uncomfortable after prolonged use because the pressure was so intense. The tight fit of the earcups made wearing glasses uncomfortable after a while.


    Trust GXT 498 Forta review: Price

    This headset definitely shines as a candidate for the best PS5 headsets at the pricing point. It retails for around $40 or £40, much cheaper than other well-known gaming companies. What more could you want from a reasonably priced, high-quality headset with a detachable mic, a dedicated mute button and a simple volume wheel? Despite only being released this year, the GXT 498 is routinely available for sale, so you can easily find it for around $34/£34.

    Should I Buy The Trust GXT 498 FORTA?

    The GXT 498 Forta headset is your best option if you're looking for an affordable, lightweight, stylish and completely acceptable gaming headset. Being fully licensed by Sony guarantees quality and ensures it works correctly with your PlayStation gaming system. For those more concerned about the environment, the fact that the construction uses recycled materials is a big selling feature. The all-black build's sleek, business-like design is ideal for those who want an organized setup.

    So does it deserve a place among our current favorite PS5 headphones? If you're a hardcore audiophile, you may need more from your audio equipment than this little baby can provide. At a cheaper price point you'll undoubtedly give up some sound clarity and comfort, but you won't really notice unless you're used to high-end models. That said, the GXT 498 Forta headphones are an affordable alternative that doesn't sacrifice design or functionality.


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