How to send photos and videos from iOS to Android!

What must be done in order to send high-quality images and videos from an iOS device to an Android device? Here are 4 strategies you can employ!
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How to send photos and videos from iOS to Android! - W3Tekno

Today's smartphones with iOS and Android have distinct cameras. They encounter quality issues, particularly when iOS users upload films or photographs captured with their own cameras to an Android user. Users are looking for solutions to this issue, nevertheless. Here are 4 methods for sending high-quality images or movies from iOS to Android devices!

How to send quality photos and videos from iOS to Android?

The quality of the images or videos users communicate to one another when they use different operating systems degrades, which is one of the main issues. AirDrop is the highest-quality method of sending between iPhones. However, transmitting from an iPhone to an Android device is not possible.

Today, WhatsApp is the most practical method for sending from iOS to Android. However, WhatsApp degrades the image quality of the sent pictures. For users, this is a highly unsettling situation. So how can you send without having quality issues from iOS to Android devices? What you must do is as follows!

Cloud storage

There are several free cloud storage options available nowadays. Sharing photographs and movies without compromising on quality is now easy with the help of cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. You must first upload the files you want to transmit to the cloud for this.

Following that, all you need to do is send the recipient the shareable link. This process allows the recipient to download the file to their device. These services produce a backup of the image or video while maintaining the file's quality.

Using a third-party application

There are many applications that allow you to transfer files from iOS to Android quickly and in high quality. Most of these applications provide data communication over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To do this, simply select the files you want to send and send them using the application.

In addition to pictures and videos, some programmes allow you to transfer data, including calendars, WhatsApp chats and more. However, it is more practical to use this approach, especially when transmitting large files.

Sending by e-mail

You can also benefit from the use of e-mail, which is generally preferred for business correspondence. However, it should be emphasised that sharing short photos and videos works better with this technique. Although there is a file size restriction, you can share photos with the recipient without any problems.

You can also try to combine this method with the cloud method for delivering files. To do this, upload the files to the cloud storage service. After that, send the download link of the file by e-mail.

Change file format

Changing the file format is another technique for sending high-quality images or films from an iOS device to an Android smartphone. You can use the ZIP file format for this. You will find this procedure convenient, especially if you have several large files. In addition, it will maintain the quality while reducing the file size.

You can use third-party software or the Files app on your iPhone. Use these tools to convert the file to ZIP format. Then send it by e-mail or send it to your interlocutor through any messenger.

What do you think about this situation? How can high-quality files be sent from iOS to Android? Please leave your thoughts for us in the comment box.


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