The best touchscreen monitors: 2023 List

The best touchscreen monitors can increase productivity, reduce eye and posture fatigue, and even make it easier to work while on the road.
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The best touchscreen monitors: 2023 List - W3Tekno

It is undeniable that the development of touchscreen technology has made using our smartphones simpler. Without additional devices such as a keyboard or mouse, we can perform our activities with just a few taps or swipes. And whether you enjoy technology, gaming or content creation, a premium touchscreen can elevate your viewing experience.

Choosing the ideal touchscreen monitor can be time-consuming and difficult. When two or more alternatives have the same qualities, it can be difficult to choose the ideal display for your needs. To help you make an educated choice, we have sorted through the numerous alternatives available to select a selection of touchscreens.

Because everyone has unique requirements and preferences, we use a comprehensive process to select the ideal monitor for you. Whether you use your smartphone for work, play, art or leisure, we've got you covered.

We consider factors such as screen quality, responsiveness, connectivity and ergonomic design to ensure we offer the best recommendations. We also consider specific uses and recommend monitors as a way to improve your experience.

Join the journey and use a premium touchscreen monitor to improve your interaction!

ViewSonic TD1655 - Best portable touchscreen monitor

ViewSonic TD1655

Best portable touchscreen monitor
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • Durable screen cover and a built-in stand
  • Designed for productivity on the go
  • HDMI or USB-C for connectivity
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • Average sound quality
  • The ViewSonic TD1655 is the perfect 15.6" touchscreen, created especially for mobile professionals, remote workers and digital nomads. The TD1655 is extremely thin and portable, weighing just two pounds and less than an inch thick. It fits effortlessly into any suitcase, briefcase or backpack. Your productivity will run more smoothly thanks to the design of this powerful monitor. With the TD1655's Full HD 1080p resolution and superior anti-glare display, your work will be seen in bright, clear detail.

    The TD1655's 10-point projective capacitive touchscreen and integrated stylus pen provide a very fluid and natural writing experience. Productivity is further enhanced with simplified navigation that makes it easy to use apps and programs. Connect your preferred console using HDMI or USB-C to watch movies or play light video games while traveling. Up to 60W of bi-directional power is available for charging using the USB Type-C connector. With the ability to charge while using your smartphone, this function is ideal for extended periods of work.

    The ideal companion for your business needs, it also features a sturdy screen cover and an integrated stand that supports positioning in both portrait and landscape modes. With the TD1655's highly efficient design, you can take your work with you wherever life takes you.

    ROADOM Raspberry Pi - Best compact touchscreen monitor

    ROADOM Raspberry Pi

    Best compact touchscreen monitor
  • Resolution: 600p
  • Screen Size: 7 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Great for on-the-go use
  • Wide range compatibility
  • Excellent image and video performance
  • Easy to install and remove stands
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • Average refresh rate
  • If you need a portable Raspberry Pi monitor, check out the ROADOM 7-inch USB monitor. It includes a stylus pen as well as a package to help you set up your Raspberry Pi.

    What's the best? The ROADOM 7-inch monitor's plug-and-play design makes it incredibly simple to set up and widely compatible. It uses an HDMI port for signal, a micro USB port for power and a third micro USB port for touch, so it doesn't need drivers to work. All Raspberry Pi models work well with Windows, Mac, TVs and gaming consoles like XBOX, PS4 and NS. Other hardware or operating systems such as Retro Pi, NOOBS, Banana Pi, Debian, Ubuntu and Kodi are supported.

    Thanks to its IPS HD display, the ROADOM 7-inch monitor has incredible viewing angles and true colors. It shows more vivid colors and contrast compared to VA and TN monitors. The touchscreen supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 without touch and has a resolution of 1024x600. You can enjoy a more vibrant image by removing the screen protector, but doing so puts your screen at risk of physical damage. The 7-inch touchscreen's 5-point capacitive touchscreen is incredibly sensitive and allows for multi-touch gestures.

    ASUS MB16AMT - Best overall touchscreen monitor


    Best overall touchscreen monitor
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 15.6
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Built-in speakers
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Large 7800mAh built-in battery
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • The sleeve stand could use improvement
  • With its outstanding 10-point interactive touchscreen, ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT is a great portable display. The touchscreen provides a fluid and accurate touch experience, making activities like editing documents, drawing on slides and playing games simple and easy. The touchscreen also supports a range of gestures that help users finish tasks quickly. ZenScreen Touch software also allows users to operate their Android phones, simplifying tasks that require a larger screen area, such as photo, video and document editing.

    A wide range of devices are compatible with ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT thanks to its USB-C and micro-HDMI interface with hybrid signaling. It works with USB Type-C connections and uses a pre-installed driver to work with USB Type-A connectors. The monitor also features two embedded speakers that enhance the audio-visual experience. With a built-in 7800mAh battery, it can run for four hours on a single charge and does not require any power from the connected device as it has a separate battery.

    ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT comes with a unique foldable smart case that protects the monitor from dirt and scratches. There's also a pen hole in the bottom corner of the case that can be attached to support the screen. All in all, ASUS ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT is a very practical and portable monitor that delivers remarkable performance unmatched by any other monitor in its class.

    Dell P2418HT - Best touchscreen monitor for business

    Dell P2418HT

    Best touchscreen monitor for business
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 23.8 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Anti-glare surface
  • Ultra-thin bezel
  • Supports extended tilt
  • Swivel capabilities
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • It might not be suitable for high-end graphics output
  • The Dell P2418HT monitor is an excellent display that provides a simple touch interface that feels fluid and natural. The screen is easily accessible by tapping, swiping, swiping or pinching. Thanks to the anti-reflective screen, your view is unobstructed from one end to the other, so you won't miss any details. The stand has many customizable options so you can work comfortably in any position. It includes a cushion to prevent unwanted bumps and tilts to a 60-degree touch direction.

    The ultra-thin bezel design ensures a clear and wide view across multiple displays. To help protect your eyes, especially during long working days, TÜV-certified ComfortView and Advanced In-Cell Touch technology features block dangerous blue light emissions and reduce glare.

    A cable management system is located underneath the device, keeping your workstation neat and organized. With the Easy Arrange function within the Dell Display Manager program, you can place and view applications side by side. There are a variety of connection ports, including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, DP and HDMI. And don't worry if you need to change the layout of your office! The monitor can be easily wall-mounted or attached to monitor arms thanks to VESA compatibility. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their workday with a high-quality, productivity-enhancing display.

    ASUS MB14AHD - Best touchscreen monitor for stylus


    Best touchscreen monitor for stylus
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Integrated stepless kickstands
  • Compatible with standard tripods
  • MPP 2.0 compliant ASUS Pen
  • Stylus pen lasts up to a year on a single battery charge
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • The stand could be better
  • ASUS ZenScreen Ink MB14AHD display is incredibly portable and lightweight. You can take it with you wherever you go and use it as an extended display for your laptop or desktop when you need to get things done. ASUS Pen is also convenient and compatible with a wide range of writing apps and tools, including Microsoft Windows Ink, Whiteboard and OneNote. It has 4096 levels of sensitivity and uses Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) 2.0 technology, so writing on it feels just like writing on paper. It can run for up to a year on a single battery charge.

    ZenScreen Ink's 10-point touchscreen responds to your touch with speed and accuracy. It can be used for gaming, organizing papers and even creating artwork. The stepless kickstand with up to 150° hinge movement and integrated tripod socket allows you to use it in landscape or portrait orientation. The ASUS DisplayWidget Lite utility automatically changes the screen orientation for you if you're using ZenScreen Ink with a Windows PC, so you don't have to worry. It also offers eye-protective features that reduce both eye strain and flicker, such as ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light technology and TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker-free technology.

    ASUS VT229H - Best touchscreen monitor with blue light filter

    ASUS VT229H

    Best touchscreen monitor with blue light filter
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 21.5 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Frameless design
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • 10-point multi-touch capacity
  • Colorful displays with IPS panel
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • Touchscreen setup could be simpler
  • The ASUS VT229H monitor is a popular choice for both home and business use due to its amazing features. The generous 21.5-inch size of this monitor offers enough screen space for a variety of tasks, and its 10-point touch feature is revolutionary for those who need multi-touch applications. Furthermore, the ASUS monitor has both HDMI and VGA support, guaranteeing compatibility with a variety of devices. Furthermore, VESA-compatible stands can be used to install the display if you want to save space.

    ASUS' Eye Care technology is one of the most notable features of this monitor. Utilizing flicker-free backlighting and blue light filtering, this function reduces eye strain and prevents eye fatigue caused by spending long periods of time in front of a computer. Users can work for long periods of time without experiencing negative effects on their vision. The monitor's IPS display and 178-degree viewing angle produce a bright, colorful screen ideal for a variety of tasks such as graphic design and video editing. It's also a great option for multi-display setups thanks to its streamlined, bezel-less design that delivers a consistent visual experience across multiple displays.

    The ASUS monitor is a flexible and adaptable addition to any workspace or home office as it provides a variety of flexible connectivity options, including both HDMI and VGA. This monitor is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their display due to its excellent features and commitment to eye health.

    Acer UT222Q - Best touchscreen monitor for gamers

    Acer UT222Q

    Best touchscreen monitor for gamers
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 21.5 inches
  • Reasons To Buy
  • Thin bezel
  • Crisp, true-to-life colors
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Smooth gaming experience
  • Reasons To Avoid
  • USB-C cable may be too short for some users
  • Looking for a display that's both stylish and practical? The Acer UT Series 21.5" Full HD LCD is the only choice. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, this display delivers a premium High Definition entertainment experience guaranteed to amaze. You can also quickly move between Windows 10 touch features on its 10-point touchscreen while playing games, browsing the web, looking at pictures or creating digital art. This display also features a tilting stand, allowing you to position it at the ideal angle for your needs. The 178° wide viewing angle and 16:9 Full HD IPS 1080p resolution deliver brilliant colors and make it easy to share presentations, documents and more.

    If you enjoy playing video games, you'll appreciate AMD FreeSync Technology, which synchronizes the frame rates of the monitor and graphics card, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. Plus, the virtually imperceptible bezel of the 'ZeroFrame' design ensures the best possible vision with minimal visual distractions. The display's anti-glare screen is also extremely robust, with 7-hour hardness and a unique coating that reduces reflections, fends off fingerprints and resists scratches. Furthermore, thanks to the unique double hinge system, you can tilt the display to the ideal angle (15° to 70°) for every working situation.

    Anyone looking for a stylish, reliable, flexible display that delivers a great viewing experience should own the Acer UT Series 21.5" Full HD LCD.


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